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About us

OUR PHILOSOPHY from Persifler

We tried to combine the perfume traditions of the French Gras where we order smells with the aesthetics of the relaxed, sexually provocative style of Tel Aviv. For us Tel Aviv is the most free and liberated place in the world. It is filled with sun, love, passion, a special sense of taste, a relaxed manner -  everything this is reflected in our work.

PERSIFLEUR is more than just perfume, it's who you are, who you want to be and who you can be. Never settle for anything less than perfection, you deserve it.

ADVANTAGES from Persifler               

We give our evaulators the right to take risks and the freedom to choose the fragrance. We spend three to four times the effort for ingredients than most luxury brands. We choose only those fragrances that are not tested on animals. Your health is of great importance to us. Therefore, we intentionally exclude all potentially harmful components.   

We are biased, but we believe that you can feel the difference.   

We create fragrances that are safe for you and smell great.

TRY IT PATIENTLEY from Persifler             

In persifleur we like to think of ourselves as "people who know smells", so we chose 12 flavors among which almost every one of our clients can find something special.

Some of our flavors are extremely persistent and in our opinion require moderate application.

We believe that the more informed the potential buyer, the more likely that he will choose exactly what is most suitable for him, and the more he will be satisfied with his purchase.

That's why our idea is that a person gets all the probes .... appreciated them both at home and at work ..... checked them in the case and only after that made a purchase.

DEVELOPMENT from Persifler             

The collection today has about 70 smells besides serial.

Our task in the next 6 months to gather around the brand a community of people passionate about perfumery who in the future will decide the fate of the flavors that will go to the series. To do this, everyone who wants to participate in the testing of odors will be offered a subscription, according to which up to 10 new products will be sent each month.

Based on the results of voting, the fate of the tested perfumes will be decided.

With your help we strive to create fragrances that will delight and give pleasure to both the manufacturer and customers. Aromas that create moments that will be stored in our memories.